Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains Rehabilitation

How Ankle Sprains Occurs?

An ankle sprain is a type of injury to the ankle joint that usually occurs as a result of an accident or sudden deceleration. It can also be a result of natural wear and tear, which are common in everyday life.

Sprained ankles can be very painful and they can even affect your ability to walk. In order to get the best treatment for a sprained Ankle you should visit a physiotherapist.

What are the symptoms?

Common symptoms of ankle sprains include pain, swelling, limping and a loss of function. Initial treatment for ankle sprains should always involve rest, compression, elevation of the ankle joint.

How To Treat An Ankle Sprain?

It can often be treated with rest and application of ice or cold compresses but more developed treatment may be needed in more acute cases. Our physiotherapy clinic in Burlington treats ankle sprains by focusing on providing some stretching exercises, manual therapy, and after some strengthening exercises.

Our physiotherapists are specially trained to treat injuries of the muscles, joints, tendons and other tissues of the body. So you are in very good hands with us.

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How Long It Takes To Recover From An Ankle Sprain?

The duration of the rehabilitation phase following a mild ankle sprain can range from three weeks to six months depending on the severity of the ankle sprain. In order to return to normal daily activity the ankle must be allowed to rest. This can often mean gradual progression upwards to light exercise and gradually returning to daily walking. Rest is particularly important for athletes and young children as well as the elderly and people suffering from osteoarthritis. Any ankle sprains treatment that does not allow the ankle to rest is likely to be ineffective and leave the patient with a worse condition than they had prior to the injury.

Ankle Sprains – Physiotherapy Appointment

If you want to book an appointment to start your recovery process, please contact our physiotherapy clinic in Burlington. We will book your initial visit with one of our knowledgeable physiotherapists.

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