Knee Pain Treatment

How Knee Pain Occur?

Knee pain is common as we age. It can also occur due to severe impact, overuse or trauma. The pain experienced at the time of injury and after the injury is often very difficult to bear. Runners often complaint about knee pain or bursitis knee. Physiotherapy treatment has proved to be effective in treating knee pain.

Knee Pain Treatment

Most injuries can be cured conservatively with physiotherapy treatment before surgery. If the injuries are serious or the knee has to be immobilized for a long time, manual therapy is quite helpful in reducing pain and improving mobility in most cases. A complete physical examination and a proper diagnosis of the problem by a physician will tell the right kind of treatment.

Apart from knee pain treatment, heat or ice packs and passive stretching are used to reduce pain and increase mobility of the knee joint in most cases. Manual therapy, including passive ultrasound, is also used in physiotherapy to improve function of the joint. Heat applications and cold packs help decrease inflammation and swelling of the knee joint and increase the blood flow to the injured area to promote healing. Most common form of knee pain is bursitis knee.

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How Long It Takes To Recover From Knee Pain?

If you are not doing any knee pain treatment, the recovery may take much longer. It’s important to be pro-active in treating this injury as it can worsen and end up in a surgery. An X-ray may be recommended to rule out any serious injury from your doctor but overall, the recovery may take between a few weeks to a few months depending on a few factors.

Knee Pain Treatment & Appointment

Our physiotherapists at our clinic in Burlington can treat you for knee pain or bursitis knee very efficiently. They have the background and experience in manual therapy, sports injuries and the use of modalities to help reducing the inflammation.

Remember, knee pain can also be caused by tight IT band ligaments as well. Our integrated care approach may even suggest to combine acupuncture to manage pain and recovery more effectively

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