Vestibular Neuritis

Vestibular Neuritis Treatment

How Vestibular Neuritis Occurs?

First, let’s explain what vestibular neuritis is (not the same as BPPV). Vestibular neuritis is a disease of the inner ear, often caused by a viral infection. Common viral infections that could cause vestibular neuritis include flu, rubella, shingles, chicken pox, measles to name a few.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of vestibular neuritis usually come on quickly and are most intense when they first appear. It include vertigo, balance issues, dizziness, and nausea

How To Treat Vestibular Neuritis?

The vestibular neuritis treatment includes the use of medications, or/and physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy for vestibular neuritis treatment can help by working on balance exercises, eye and head movement exercises, working on specific techniques called BPPV treatment which is the reposition of crystals in the inner ear canal.

Our physiotherapists will also provide some home vestibular exercises to help with the recovery.

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How Long It Takes To Recover From Vestibular Neuritis?

The symptoms usually last between 2 weeks to a few months. However, the recovery is pretty quick. It usually recovers after a couple of days. At times, the symptoms can subside for a few weeks depending on each individual.

Vestibular Neuritis Appointment

If you want to book an appointment to start your recovery process, please contact our physiotherapy clinic in Burlington. We will book your initial visit with one of our knowledgeable physiotherapists.

Remember that there are some differences between vestibular neuritis and BPPV. The causes and symptoms can be different from one another and recovery can be affected as such.

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